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Need a wedding officiant for your special day? Whether it's non-denominational or secular, interfaith or traditional, a civil ceremony or a spiritual union, Shridevi Arts welcomes all couples! 

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Meet Our Founder

Pandita Pratima Kushmani Shridevi Doobay

Pratima Kushmani Shridevi Doobay is a Wedding Officiant, Ceremonial Priestess, sacred artist, community organizer/liaison, Human Rights Activist, and Daughter to the Magical Universe. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and has been immersed in spiritual, religious, philosophy and cultural arts all her life. Pratima’s lineage is deeply enriched with spiritual purpose and her parents ensured this legacy was honored and preserved in their home. Her Father and Guru, Pandit Mahendranauth Doobay, hails from a long line of Pandits and is an esteemed leader who has established Mandirs (Temples) in Guyana and New York City. Pratima’s Mother, Shrimati Kamla Dhanmati Doobay, is an active supporter and reminder in her journey to remain resilient, and steadfast about how we show up in this world. Together, Pratima’s parents inspired her to take up her ancestral mantle and become the first female in their family to continue this spiritual legacy.

Shridevi Arts Wedding Officiant Queens NY Medium
Shridevi Arts Wedding Officiant

Pratima's Journey

Pratima’s journey began with her parents founding the spiritual sanctuary “Bhavaanee Maa Mandir INC.” She spent her childhood and teenage years frequenting the Temple as a devotional singer and  youth group participant and leader, which expanded her love for music and congregational healing through Music, Chanting, community and guided spiritual practice. Between the ages of 18 and 25, Pratima began to explore spirituality independently, seeking a deeper understanding of her purpose. She started working and volunteering as a community organizer, activist, and artist with various community based organizations.

Birth of Shridevi Arts

In 2018 Pratima was inspired to organize a veneration to the Divine Goddess called “MataJi Ki Chowki in collaboration with the Bhavaanee Maa Mandir INC. as an offering to the community. This community offering was organized as an intentional social experiment, essentially reflecting the different parts that made up who Pratima is, and how she desired to see the community and their needs properly fulfilled in a Satsangh (community gathering). 

MataJi Ki Chowki earned great success and garnered high demand in the community for the powerful healing energy, upliftment, and inclusivity it offered. Pratima Kushmani Doobay was then inspired to mobilize MataJi Ki Chowki into a moving satsangh in the Fall of 2019. Shortly after, “Shridevi Arts” was born as the organizing platform to open up the doors of community healing through larger scale social outreach initiatives and the development of new events that honor different aspects of divine purpose and experience. Pratima’s own journey of self awareness began to transform during this time as she started to claim and represent different identities that exist in this world. Identities that have often been oppressed and excluded from many spaces, especially religious and spiritual spaces. Listening to her inner voice  and to the call of the Universal Mother, she was inspired to create spaces that would be inclusive to all beings. As all breathing and living beings are children to the Divine Mother we call “Ma” or “Mother Nature” giving us all a Home on “Mother Earth."

Pratima's Legacy as a Priestess

Pratima’s community organizing and activism was recognized by Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus, who then invited her to officiate their annual LGBTQIA themed Satsangh as a Priestess, thus officially initiating her into taking up her role in continuing her family’s spiritual legacy as a Pandita. 

This divine momentum has also nurtured the growth and expansion of Shridevi Arts to include the incorporation of guided meditation, sound healing, immersive creative art experiences, and spiritual counseling both in public community events and through private engagement. 

Through her dedication and commitment to reaching people from all walks of life, Pandita Pratima Kushmani Doobay’s mission and legacy has transcended into reaching not just her local community, but the greater expanse of the world’s “spiritual family” through her work, which centers on oneness and unity under alignment with Divine Purpose.

Our Philosophy on Weddings

A Message from Pratima

Love is Love!

Marriage or Sacred Union is a consensual decision between Hearts, Souls, and a bond rooted in Unconditional Love. I believe it is far deeper than a big moment of commemoration and celebration. This union is the first step on a new journey and a lifepath of oneness between souls striving to create a world filled with joy, fulfillment, and the fruits of sacred commitment. As you take this sacred step, it is essential to understand that making this commitment to Loving another soul means being a part of one another’s lives and journeys, while also honoring your soul’s purpose to be equally committed to your individuality. As a Wedding Officiant and Pandita (Priestess), I strive to nurture your union as the creation of a safe space for partnership, growing together with openness and honesty, and harnessing the energy of enlightenment that will help you navigate the cloudiest of days together. A sacred union is each individual soul’s recognition of love within each other that prevails through every phase of your journey.

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Other Services

Shridevi Arts is more than a wedding officiant!

Shridevi Arts also offers Puja, Havan, Katha, Kirtan, Guided Meditations, and Public Speaking services.

Shridevi Arts - Puja Officiant


A ritualistic way of engaging with the Universe. Through the medium of prayer, contemplation, meditation, setting intentions and making symbolic offerings with grains, fruits, flowers. A havan ritual is typically done, and is then concluded with Arti.

Shridevi Arts - Havan Officiant


A divine ritual of invoking Agni (The Lord of Fire) to be the portal in which the Deities receive our symbolic/sacrificial offerings of samagri (dried leaves and flowers) and grain.

Shridevi Arts - Katha Officiant


A spiritual discourse involving storytelling and narration from ancient scriptures, along with an uplifting interpretative message on how these teachings can be applied in daily life.

Shridevi Arts - Kirtan Officiant


This form of “Bhakti Yoga” (the union of Mind, Body, and Spirit through Devotion) involves guided melodious, invocational chanting, singing, and music which is intended to bring healing, feelings of joy, and shifting of energy in oneself.

Shridevi Arts - Guided Meditation Kriya Yoga Officiant

Guided Meditation

With your trust, we’ll be going on a spiritual journey within. The form of Guided Meditation I lead is under the umbrella of Kriya Yoga (the union of Mind, Body, and Spirit through specific Actions). It is a divine experience and communion with ourselves, the Universe and the parts of ourselves in need of healing.

Shridevi Arts - Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Available for community, interfaith and unity building events to speak on spirituality, empowerment, inclusion, LGBTQIA/Women/Human empowerment.

Community Events

Join us for one of our community events!

Shridevi Arts is proud to be a servant of the community first above all else! Our community events are welcome to all and are free to attend. See the list below for more details on our events. If you'd like to take part in one of our events by contributing a performance (song, dance, etc.), sponsoring dinner for the community (vegetarian only), or offering a space for us to host a community event, you can reach out to us by clicking the button below, filling out the contact form, and telling us more about how you'd like to participate.  We greatly appreciate your contribution! 

Mata Ji Chowki, Shiv Ki Mahima,
& Bhaja Govindam

Navratri, Shivratri, & Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations

MataJi Ki Chowki, Shiv Ka Mahima and Bhaja Govindam are Divine venerations, and community arts collaboratives dedicated to the Goddess Shakti, Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. These are initiatives are spiritual experiences offered to the community to invoke community healing, togetherness, empowerment and unity.

Amavasya & Purnima Satsangh

New Moon and Full Moon Celebrations

Monthly in person or virtual gatherings to celebrate and set intentions for the cycles of the New Moon and Full Moon.

Awakening Shakti

Celebration of the Self

Awakening Shakti is a community based healing initiative which began in 2020. The mission is focused on reclaiming and offering ancient healing methods to our Indo-Caribbean communities such as Yoga, Ayurveda, coaching, arts poetry, etc so we can tap into ways of dealing with our daily stressors.

With Love and Pride

For the Community, by the Community

Shridevi Arts believes solely in organizing gatherings and events that reflect inclusion in communities. Along with the spiritual events Shridevi Arts has organized, “With Love and Pride” is an arts collaborative for everyone, especially People of Color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and those of Caribbean descent.

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